What Does It All Cost?

Resume Mailman offers a wide range of resume distribution services to meet your needs.

Our Basic service is Only $49.99 and includes distribution of your resume and cover letter to our list of general recruiters who want to receive all resumes. This included your choice of:  3 INDUSTRY / DISCIPLINE SELECTIONS AND 3 GEOGRAPHIC FILTER SELECTIONS.

For those of you who want more than our basic service we offer several advanced features in addition to our basic Mail of $49.99, which includes 3 industry selections and the option of 3 FREE geographic filtering selections.

  • Increase your exposure by choosing additional industries and geographic locations to increase the distribution of your resume even further for only $10.00 per each additional industry and $10.00 per each additional location. The more industries and locations you choose, the more recruiters will receive your resume!

  • Protect your Privacy with our Confidential E-mail Box. Choose to have the recruiters direct their replies to a confidential e-mail address "@resumezapper.com" for $19.00 additional. The recruiters will not see your regular e-mail address, but the resumezapper address, (e.g. box1021@resumezapper.com). When they reply, the responses will be automatically forwarded to your existing e-mail account. The confidential box will also suppress your contact information within your profile.

    Note: You will need to remove your contact info from your resume and cover letter, we will not remove your contact info from your resume and/or cover letter.

  • Have your resume mailed to the new recruiters who sign up over the next 30 days with our Double Mail feature. We are adding new recruiters on a daily basis. For only $29.99 we will automatically re-distribute you resume again in 30 days. You don't have to do anything we take care of it all for you! By using this feature you can save $10 to $40 off our normal price!!!

  • Want the List of Recruiters we sent your resume to? No problem! For an additional $19.00 we will provide you with a list of those recruiters who were sent your resume. This list is 90-95% complete as a selection of our members wish to stay confidential. This list provides the firm name and the state in which this particular office resides.

If you're ready to sign up and have your resume Mailed, Click Here. If you have more questions, review our FAQ's or our Testimonials.

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