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Testimonial From:      Ron Melk MAIL MY RESUME NOW!
Resume Zapper is ABSOLUTELY the best way I have found to send a resume to thousands of targeted recruiters at the speed of email. My resume and cover letter were recently zapped to 3,312 recruiters. Within hours, I had eight responses -- and they keep on coming. If you are serious about finding a job, you have to use Zapper. Congratulations to customer service and tech support, too. Zapper is a quality operation.

Testimonial From:      Peter J. Wilson MAIL MY RESUME NOW!
Ahh, technology. Information moving fast as a bullet to targeted locations. Well, when it comes to information about me, I want it to be both fast and accurate. ResumeZapper has given me the piece of mind needed prior to a mass mailing of my cover letter and resume. In fact, Mr. Rob Salzman stayed on the telephone with me checking to make sure my information reached the recruiters e-mail in fine fashion. Thank you Mr. Salzman. Pete Wilson Vice President Telintel, Inc.

Testimonial From:      Tim Koscinski MAIL MY RESUME NOW!
I just wanted to say that your service is refreshing. As a professional IT recruiter it makes my job a WHOLE lot Easier. The response is overwhelming. I can't tell you how many placements I made with zapper candidates. I also referred over 20 headhunters your site information. I just signed up as a PREMIER RECRUITER.

Testimonial From:      Lynn D. Norris MAIL MY RESUME NOW!
The advantage of utilizing the service is that you will reach recruiters that you are not aware of. I have received opportunities from four executive recruiters that have presented superior opportunities. I am into a second interview with a COO that has a dollar opportunity of $145k. Give it a shot. If $49.99 is a stopper, stay with the newspapers and limited opportunities. Thanks, Lynn

Testimonial From:      Mark MAIL MY RESUME NOW!
Wanted to give you a success testimony. After signing up with I received a call two days later on a job about 5 minutes from my house. To make a long story short. I just signed the offer for more money, benefits and less commute time. I want to thank you very much for your service. I will tell all my friends about the way you help me get a new job within days.

Testimonial From:      Felice MAIL MY RESUME NOW!
I just wanted to give your service a "two thumbs up"! I had excellent responses and I received one job offer today. I wish there were two of me, because I was told that I would be receiving another offer later this week, that I will have to turn down. I believe it's only been 3 weeks since I sent you my resume...Thank you so much!

Testimonial From:      Melissa MAIL MY RESUME NOW!
My resume was zapped yesterday 8/16/00 at 2:15 pm and I immediately started getting responses. I was so skeptical. Not working right now, I couldn't afford to spend the money if it didn't produce results. It has been less than 24 hours and I already have had 15 responses!!! Thank you so much!! Definitely worth every cent; money well spent!

Testimonial From:     Elaine Kadlubowski MAIL MY RESUME NOW!
Just wanted to let you great folks, and others who maybe are hesitant about using your service, know it's worth every penny!!! I accepted a fantastic offer yesterday from a company whose recruiter my resume was "zapped' to!!! Within 2 weeks I'm on my way from NY to AL.......exactly as I wanted!

Not only do these wonderful people help you find the job of your dreams, they also work with YOUR desires and help place you where YOU want to be!!! And they weren't the only offer, there were several to choose from!!! Not bad for less than a month!!! If I could encourage EVERY person doing an on-line job search to give your service a try, I'm certain not ONE of them would be disappointed. Thanks so much for helping me realize my dreams!!! Sincerely, Elaine V. Kadlubowski

Testimonial From:      Sid Bursten MAIL MY RESUME NOW!
I contracted with ResumeZapper about midnight on a Thursday night and started getting called from recruiters before lunch on Friday, and got dozens more over the weekend. By Monday I had a request to interview with the company I have now joined in a great job with great salary, bonuses and perks. 

I am pleased to report that I have accepted a permanent position as Senior Consultant with IBM Global Services. Total time from entering my resume into Resume Zapper and the accepted offer: 11 days, including two weekends. What blew me away was the quality of the responses I got from almost 100 recruiters; I am confident that I could happily have accepted any of half a dozen proposals, but IBM's was the one I wanted and the one I took. ResumeZapper is a miracle, by far the best was available to get the right new job. Many thanks, Sid Bursten

Testimonial From:      Richard Prochaska MAIL MY RESUME NOW!
The concept of going global with my resume required some "outside the box" thinking on my part. The magnitude and the speed of the Internet just has not completely sunk in. The response has been overwhelming and the biggest problem is to get back to all the great people who have called and sent e-mails requesting information. Many have called with an actual job in hand. I could have reached all these people but, only with 500 man hours of work and $1090 in postage. Thanks for your help. Rick Prochaska

Testimonial From:      Alex R. Pugh MAIL MY RESUME NOW!
Just a note to tell you how much I am impressed with your service. While I was searching for a job I was using a head hunter like most of us do and was not getting anywhere. After 3 months of that I heard about your service. After I sent my resume to you the next day I had over 15 calls between 9-12 it got to the point I had to stop answering the phone I also I received the same number of emails. and around that time a buddy of mine turned me on to my current job. 

So I had to tell everyone that was calling that I already accepted a job. So even though I did not take a job through you guys the amount of contacts I had of people wanting me to work for them did a great number on my moral. If you want to get your name out there put your resume with it is well worth it.

Testimonial From:      Marc Stuart MAIL MY RESUME NOW!
I have recently your service, it was very successful!! In fact I did so well. so quickly,that I found my dream job! I have accepted employment with this company ... and to tell you the truth, your service is so good, it will just back log my e-mail and make my phone ring off the hook. Thank you, Marc Stuart

Testimonial From:      Lou MAIL MY RESUME NOW!
Dear Resumezapper Staff Members: You folks are amazing! I figured with my highly specialized field of engineering that it would take some time to receive responses and possible job offers. Boy, was I wrong. You sent out my Resume yesterday afternoon and this morning I've already received several responses including three possible fascinating offers. Thanks Again Zappers and keep up the good work. Lou

Testimonial From:      Steve Rahn MAIL MY RESUME NOW!
OK, so I was skeptical at first. After all, I was about to spend $50 with a company that I wasn't even sure they were going to do anything, but after a very frustrating 3 months in the job market, I was willing to try anything. So I signed up for Resume Zapper. 

After a few days, I received at least 20 responses from recruiters who stated they received my resume. But, I was disappointed to learn that they didn't have anything available at this time. However, I received one call from a recruiter named Steve Kohn who said he may have something that would interest me. To make a long story short, I start 2/28/00 as a Vice President for an electronics manufacturer in the Chicago area, with a package in excess of $100K. Good job Resume Zapper! Steve Rahn

Testimonial From:      Andrew Marshall MAIL MY RESUME NOW!
Hello Resumezapper, I would like to start by letting you know, that you have been an invaluable resource to me and my clients. The flow of quality applicants that I have received via you has allowed me to furnish my clients in a manner that they tell me; is rivaled by none. Once again, Thank you Resumezapper. Andrew Marshall Executive Consultant Information Technology Recruiting Ltd.

Testimonial From:      Nancy Bell MAIL MY RESUME NOW!
Our company received a resume from a candidate in Illinois on 8/23/99. At the time, we did not have a position to fit her skills. We got a new job order in Utah that I sent her for, on 9/10/99 and she accepted the position on 10/22/99. This was a fee of over $18k to our company, a raise & preferred relocation for the candidate, and a great employee for our client. Resume Zapper does indeed produce quality candidates. Professional Recruiters Salt Lake City UT

Testimonial From: MAIL MY RESUME NOW!
Resume Zapper is wonderful - all I have to do is change my profile for whatever job we are seeking. Every morning my mailbox has new resumes for me to look over. We have excellent candidates from these resumes and hired an Advertising Manager. I love this wonderful tool and it is great for all the jobseekers to have a database that sends their resumes to searching companies without us having to go to a hundred different databases. Thanks so very much -

Testimonial From: MAIL MY RESUME NOW!
Just thought you would like to know that your referral service is phenomenal. I cannot believe the quality and quantity. We are focusing, through your service, on placements of intellectual property lawyers. I expect some of our clients are going to be writing you and thanking you as well. Gary Spiegel Owner: Match-Up Employment Agency - Los Angeles PS: Yes - you can use this note in your ads!

Testimonial From:      RM MAIL MY RESUME NOW!
My resume was "zapped" on 9/30/99. I immediately began receiving E-mails from quality search and recruiting firms (I requested no phone calls). Thanks to your fine service I received three excellent job offers. On November 1st I accepted an executive VP position in my hometown. It doesn't get much better than that! Your service produced more meaningful results in a quicker timeframe than any other option available. My compliments to your

Testimonial From:      Richard Shoemaker MAIL MY RESUME NOW!
Our executive search firm, the IR Group, specializes in the insurance industry. Many of the broad based job boards either clutter our e-mail or send us no one. Resume Zapper has been on target in linking us with individuals that would not have come through insurance mainstream sites or our own site at Richard Shoemaker, President, IR Group Companies

Testimonial From:      Curt Gielow MAIL MY RESUME NOW!
As an executive recruiter I receive several dozen resumes zapped each day. I'm impressed by the quality and accuracy of the information provided on each executive. We recently identified and placed an executive through the resumezapper service that we would most likely not have identified through other means. I encourage those seeking positions to use this service. We certainly use it to help find good candidates for our executive opportunities.

Testimonial From:      Tim S. MAIL MY RESUME NOW!
I have some things to say! I decided on a job change recently and first tried a free resume service, after only getting 1 call in 4 days I looked for another way. I then noticed Resume Zapper, and after being kind of skeptical I went with the program. The first day after Resume Zapper sent out my resume I received 8 phone calls and 27 e-mails, the second day 16 phone calls and 37 e-mails from recruiters from all over the country with 100's of jobs that fit my credentials. My Fiancé is still fielding phone calls and is in utter amazement.

I want to recommend this service to yourself a favor and go through'll be surprised and amazed at the response...Oh yes, I also received 5 job offers...How is that for Greatness. Thank You ResumeZapper Tim S. Feel free to contact me via e-mail if you have any doubts.

Testimonial From:      Arthur MAIL MY RESUME NOW!
I just went on line with your service yesterday and have already received 18 E-mails and four telephone calls. It would be great to become one of your success stories. I will keep you up on what happens over the next couple of weeks. Thanks again for providing the service.... Arthur

Testimonial From:      Peter McGregor MAIL MY RESUME NOW!
Want to compliment your organization. Think this is a great site.. Thanks for 'creating such a logical site for headhunters like me. Peter McGregor 15 year Search Pro President of Executive Quest, a Redondo Beach search firm.

Testimonial From:      Greg Cummins MAIL MY RESUME NOW!
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! Finally a resume distribution company that hits the bull's eye. I can finally receive targeted resumes specific to my Industry instead of a broad base that I have to sort through and filter. Thank you for offering ENERGY as one of your Industry selections. Keep up the great work. Your service will make my job so much easier. Greg Cummins Executive Recruiter

Testimonial From:      Brent Smith MAIL MY RESUME NOW!
Thank you very much for your help and your quick responses. I've already started to receive emails from headhunters all over North America I am confident this will help my job search significantly. Brent Smith Canada

Testimonial From:      MRI - CA MAIL MY RESUME NOW!
Thank you so much for responding to us by sending us so many transportation related emailed resumes. We greatly appreciate it. Thank You once again. Management Recruiters - Dana Point, CA

Testimonial From:      Matt C MAIL MY RESUME NOW!
Wow!! Its been only two days since I zapped my resume and already I'm overwhelmed by the response I've received. I have received 18 phone calls from recruiters and have already had two phone interviews and a job interview. With over 40 emails in addition to the phone calls, this is just incredible. I may have to stay home from my current job just to keep up with all the possibilities! Thanks ResumeZapper!

Testimonial From: MAIL MY RESUME NOW!
I know your testimonials are for the zapper candidates, but I just wanted to let you know that this is a great service!!! I'm tired of searching databases and sorting through bazillions of old resumes. Your service sends me fresh candidates who want to make a career change within my industry. Nothing could make a recruiter's job easier. So far I've placed one of your zapped candidates and have 2 more interviewing now. Thanks again for a great service!!

Testimonial From:      Helene Singer-Cash MAIL MY RESUME NOW!
I wanted to let you know that I have been very pleased with the customer service that I have received. I was having some technical difficulties, and Rob came to my rescue. Not only did he send an email to me within hours of my initial email, but he saw that I was online and he sent to me an instant message to see if he could resolve my problem. He went out of his way to have me send to him my resume via email, and then ask the remainder of the questions on the phone. I am so impressed with the service so far, I will recommend it to everyone I know looking for a job. Now, all I need to do is to find a new job! Thanks for the great service and keep up the good work. Helene Singer-Cash

Testimonial From:      Robert MAIL MY RESUME NOW!
And thanks to you! I received a call at approximately 8PM on Saturday evening! Great service. To date, half a dozen calls and about 40 e-mail responses in less than a week. Regards, Robert (note from ResumeZapper: Robert's resume was zapped at late on Friday night)

Testimonial From:      Philip C. Gibson MAIL MY RESUME NOW!
Just a quick note to tell you how impressed I was with your service. I had tried one (free) service before, and was disappointed with the results. But within 3 hours of your distribution of my resume, I had over a dozen responses – over fifty within the first two weeks. Not only was the number of responses impressive, but the quality of the recruiter contacts was superior. It resulted in a fantastic job. If I ever have the need of a recruiter again, ResumeZapper is the only service I’m going to contact.

Testimonial From:      John Minatelli MAIL MY RESUME NOW!
This is incredible...I have been in outplacement since Nov. Since placing the Zapper through your company I have received more hits in one day than in sending out over 500 hard copies to these same firms. Thanks for the service! Obviously, the recruiters are glued to their computers! John Minatelli

Testimonial From:      Dale Kennedy MAIL MY RESUME NOW!
I have been overwhelmed by the response. On one hand that's good, it indicates your service really did deliver my resume to quality recruiters. The bad news, is that I can't respond to everyone quickly enough. My feedback is you may consider offering a staggered zap, so your customers can keep up with the inquiries.

Testimonial From:      Sue Bowers MAIL MY RESUME NOW!
On January 19th, late in the evening, I used Resume Zapper to "zap" my credentials to recruiters around the country. By early the next morning I received my first phone call. In the next two weeks I received more than 20 calls and 30 e-mails from recruiters all over the country. By the end of the 17th day I was offered and had accepted a new position (with a BIG raise and a sign-on bonus) in a very high profile organization. Resume Zapper allowed me to receive and review opportunities that would have otherwise been unavailable. I highly recommend this service and it would have been a bargain at twice the price.